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Slade Smith Death

Slade Smith Death – Slade Smith, son of Alberta Emergency Medical Services has died. He passed away on Tuesday 29th November 2022 at the age of 7. The news of his death was shared on Facebook on Tuesday in a post that reads ” Our EMS and CFD families have suffered an immense loss in which can never be mended. Mourning the loss of sweet, sweet Slade”.  the circumstances surrounding the exact cause of his death has not been know at the time this article was published.

Who was Slade Smith?

His outward aspect was both the most adorable and breathtaking that one could possible imagine in the same breath. Anyone who has the good fortune to catch a glimpse of his irresistible grin will surely have their day brightened as a direct result of it. His parents, in addition to other members of the family and people who knew the family, doted on him with love and affection. He was not only full of vitality and life, but also possessed a high level of intelligence that was commensurate with his vivaciousness.

He not only had a wonderful sense of humor but also demonstrated a good deal of comedy himself. Slade always maintained a positive and reassuring manner, and his contagious laugh contributed to the ease with which he placed other people at rest. Everyone who knew him and spent any amount of time with him did so with joy and affection.

Slade Smith GoFundMe

Rachel Stallings and Marnie Burt have created a GoFundMe account in the name of Tobi Smith to provide financial assistance to the family of Slade Smith’s to help with the costs associated with his memorial and funeral expenses. The account is being set up in the name of Tobi Smith on behalf of Tobi Smith. The sum that was raised through the campaign was supposed to be $15,000, but as of the time that this report was made public, it had already reached $22,376. The greatest donation to far was $1,000, and there have been 261 people who have contributed money thus far.

A statement from the account reads “Our EMS and CFD families have suffered an immense loss in which can never be mended. Mourning the loss of sweet, sweet Slade. A parent should NEVER have to bury their child – much less have to burden the cost of a funeral and life’s many expenses through it all. While so many of us struggle with how to help such a lovely family in a time of such immense tragedy, this is just a small way that we can help”.

Slade Smith’s obituary will be released by the family

Photo credit – GoFundMe

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