Cobell Scholarship 2022

Cobell Scholarship

Applying for a Cobell Scholarship Opportunity

Q: How can I access the application?

A: IEI’s Online Application Student and Information System (OASIS) is accessible online via Simply select “2021-2022 Cobell Scholarship Applications” to be directed to the
application system. Remember to review the scholarship qualifications before creating a profile.

Q: Is there a paper application?

A: IEI does not produce paper applications because the applicant’s email address is required for
verification. Applicants must have access to the internet to submit an application, keep track of the
application status via the OASIS portal, upload required and requested documents, and access
communications via email.

Note: Once an application is started, the applicant is able to access the opportunity – specific
application until the deadline of that application. Deadlines may vary.

Q: What type of information is required to apply?

A: Both the General Application Profile and scholarship opportunity applications require self-reported
responses; therefore, no documentation is required unless an applicant is selected to be a Finalist in
mid-May of each year. This is a separate process. If selected as a Finalist, an email will be sent with
additional instructions.

Q: What is the application process?

A: This is a six-step (6) process:
1. Create a profile by submitting the General Application Profile.
2. Once the profile is complete, applicants must complete the eligibility section in which OASIS will
match applicants to open scholarship opportunities based on the self-reported responses provided
in the eligibility. If there is no available application, review the General Application Profile
3. If matched, the applicant must complete and submit additional, secondary scholarship opportunity
application(s) responses available in the OASIS portal, to be considered and reviewed.
4. If selected, an email offer to become a Finalist is generated in mid-May. This, and other statuses,
can be viewed in OASIS at any time.
5. Complete the Post-Acceptance verification process which will be available in the email mentioned
in #4, above.

6. Receive official Award Notification to be deemed a Cobell Scholar.

Q: Does IEI require an official academic transcript when applying?

A: No, however, IEI may request an unofficial transcript for some scholarship opportunities, or if selected
as a Finalist. IEI will never require or request an official transcript.

Q: Are Cobell Scholarship opportunities available to attend Summer classes?

A: Yes, the Summer opportunity is a separate application process. Priority is given to applicants who meet
all eligibility requirements including the criteria listed:
• Students who are required by their program to attend summer classes; or,
• Students, who because of family or career obligations, can only attend full-time courses in the summer
(for example, teachers or members of certain academic cohorts); or,
• Students enrolled in unpaid internship academic credit hours that are required for graduation; or,
• Students who need courses to graduate by the end of the Summer term; or,
• Students needing required courses that are only offered during the Summer term.
• All others are considered only if funds remain available.
• Note: All students attending summer should consider applying.

Q: When should I apply?

A: It depends; the General Application Profile via OASIS may be submitted at any time throughout the
year, except between Dec. 1 and Dec 14 when the program may be closed for maintenance. However,
specific scholarship opportunities have application opening dates and deadlines. The 2021-2022
Academic Year opportunity dates are as follows:
• 2021-2022 Cobell Scholarship Academic Year opportunity
o Opens December 15, 2020
o Closes March 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM MST
• 2021 Cobell Scholarship Summer opportunity
o Opens February 15, 2021
o Closes May 3, 2021 at 11:59 PM MST
• 2021 Elouise Cobell Summer Research Fellowship opportunity
o Opens September 1, 2020
o Closes January 10, 2021 11:59 MST.
• Cobell Scholarship Vocational opportunity – VARIES. (visit the OASIS portal for specific dates)
It is advised to begin the process when an opportunity opens to create a competitive and complete
application. IEI may communicate regarding deadlines and missing information.

Q: Why won’t my OASIS application(s) submit?

A: There are a few reasons in which OASIS will not accept an application. Please be sure to check the
• All required questions must be answered. If the question is not applicable to you, please write N/A.
• In unusual circumstances, some older browsers have not been compatible with OASIS. Try a different
browser and please inform the IEI staff if this occurs so we can further assist you and inform the vender
of the issue.
Please note: Indigenous Education, Inc. (IEI) recommends responding to all questions in a Word
document, then copy/paste your response(s) into the OASIS scholarship opportunity application to
avoid “timing out” or losing any work in the event of technological difficulties.
Application tip: Many scholarship use variations of the same questions; so, holding the responses in a
Word document allows applicants to edit a response without completely rewriting it.

Q: How do I check the status of my application?

A: Current application statuses can be viewed in the OASIS portal. Questions may be submitted to
[email protected]. In most cases, staff will respond the same day but no later than 48

Q: How do I update my email address in my application?

A: The email address is used as the login credentials and as the only email contact. Should you wish to
change the login credentials, call the IEI office or submit a request to [email protected].
In many cases, communications have gone to an old email account. Without communicating a change
to IEI, scholarship opportunities can be rescinded. Also, a change in login credentials does not change a

Q: Do I need a Reference for my application?

A: Certain Cobell Scholarship opportunities require a reference in order to be considered while others do
not. If no question exists for a reference, it does not pertain to the specific Cobell Scholarship
opportunity. Each opportunity has instructions clearly stated where necessary.

Q I am a parent. Am I able to access my child’s application information?

A: With respect to Federal (FERPA) policy, IEI cannot share information regarding any file with anyone other
than the applicant. IEI does not utilize a parent permission form. Additionally, all email addresses must
be that of the student applicant. If an email address is found to be that of a parent, IEI may deem an
applicant ineligible and/or may rescind any scholarship offer(s).

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