Yusef Staine, 20, died after being shot by a traveling companion

Yusef Staine death - obituary

The shooting that led to the death of Yusef Staine, 20, came as a shock to eye-witnesses who said “There is no conflict between” Staine and the shooter “until the shooting.”

Staine of West Babylon was reportedly shot and killed by a traveling companion aboard an Long Island Rail Road train at the Ronkonkoma station.

According to Newsday, Staine’s close friend said “had so much potential,”. And police continued searching for the suspected shooter as new details emerged about the moments before the killing.

Yusef Staine, 20, was pronounced dead shortly after the shooter opened fire just before 2 a.m. Wednesday, according to Suffolk police.

Staine and the yet-unidentified suspect traveled from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma early Wednesday morning before immediately crossing over from the eastbound track to a waiting westbound train leaving for Manhattan at 1:51 a.m., the source said.

Cameras on both trains captured the travels of the individuals and investigators were able to determine there did not appear to be a dispute between them at any point, the source said.

le to determine there did not appear to be a dispute between them at any point, the source said.

“They are cheerily having conversation among themselves … And then you see them cross over the platform and get onto to the second train where this incident occurred,” the source said. “And on this second train as well, until the moment of the shooting, there is no indication of an issue between the two of them. There is no conflict between these two people until the shooting.”

On Thursday, police offered no updates on the case and have yet to provide a description of the suspect or reveal details about the relationship with the victim.

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