Wood County Schools operating levy renewal approved for election

The Wood County Schools Renewal Levy will be on the ballot once more, and it has the ability to help the school district in a variety of areas where additional cash is required. If passed, the levy will be used to pay for the renewal of existing school levies. This tax, according to the officials, will make it feasible to support new responsibilities, such as those for school counselors, resource teachers, and school nurses. Additionally, this levy will allow for an increase in overall school funding.

According to wtap in addition to increasing wages and pay levels for instructors more competitive in order to entice a greater number of teachers to relocate to the area. In addition, there is a provision of 2.5 million dollars in the budget for the remodeling for the implementation of safety and security measures. The levy has been on the ballot continuously since 1945, and it is anticipated that it will bring in roughly $21 million, which is approximately equivalent to approximately 14 percent of the district’s operating budget, even though it will not raise taxes.

According to Michael Erb, who serves as the communications coordinator for the school district, this levy continues to receive a substantial amount of support from the community while seeing very little opposition. The speaker said, “Yeah, we are extremely pleased with the amount of support from the community that we have received,” which is an accurate reflection of how the audience felt.

Not only in reference to this tax, but also in regard to everything else that the Wood County Schools do,” adds Erb. “This is a significant issue.” The next statement made by the speaker was, “And we are a part of the community.” Because of this, we are dependent on the support of the community, and one of our goals is to give everyone the impression that they own some portion of the Wood County Schools. Because these are the schools that we have selected for our children, and these are the youngsters that we have chosen to educate. As a consequence of this fact, the community views us as an essential component of its fabric.

In addition, the levy will award financial grants to various local groups in Wood County that serve as providers of services to the county’s student population.
Include establishments such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Y.M.C.A., the libraries of Wood County, and the WVU Extension Service in your search. In addition to being one of nine counties in West Virginia that have an excessive levy, Wood County Schools is also listed in this category as one of the schools that falls into this category.

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