Will Poulter Says Someone Mistook Him For Sid From ‘Toy Story’ At A Urinal

Will Poulter can’t seem to get away from the “Toy Story” comparisons, not even when he’s at the urinal. The actor from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” whose eerie resemblance to the Sid character from Pixar has followed him for more than a decade, disclosed in an interview with GQ that the “meme” recently followed him into the lavatory. This similarity has followed the actor since “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” was released. He asserts that a fan approached him in Los Angeles when he and his companion were utilizing the washroom there and asked, “‘You’re in ‘Toy Story, right?'” It’s not that I want to be mean, but all I could think was, “Wow, that was animated.”

Poulter stated that the ever-popular Pixar movie was released in 1995, which was only two years before he was born. “And they weren’t doing it through live action,” he noted. “They were doing it with animation.” Poulter, though, admitted to the publication that he is also to blame for the current state of affairs. Although it was for a good cause—raising awareness for Bullying Prevention Month in the United States and Anti-Bullying Week in the United Kingdom—the British actor had earlier released a photo of himself costumed as the “Toy Story” bully for Halloween, complete with a Sheriff Woody doll and a magnifying glass in hand. The photo was taken when he was celebrating the holiday.

This week, the actor was a guest on the “Lights, Camera, Barstool” podcast, where he also discussed an event involving a urinal; however, he did not indicate whether or not it was the same occurrence. According to him, someone had asked him to provide a list of the various things that he had participated in.” Poulter stated that she did not specify any of the activities in which she had participated because she felt that it would be impossible for her to respond to the question without appearing to be “an asshole.” After that, the persistent fan demanded to know about his involvement in “Toy Story.”


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