WhatsApp is down with users unable to send or receive messages this Tuesday

WhatsApp is down with users unable to send or receive messages this Tuesday

Given that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with two billion monthly active users throughout the globe users, any time the service has a crash, it is a significant event all over the world. And such is the situation this Tuesday, with reports coming in from all around the world indicating that WhatsApp would be down beginning on the 25th of October.

Issues arising with the current buzz on Whatsapp

According to marca DownDetector, a monitoring service, reports that a number of users began reporting troubles with sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp in the early hours of Tuesday morning, notably at 9:00 Central European Summer Time. These users began reporting these issues around the same time. In all likelihood, this is not the first time that WhatsApp has experienced a server error; however, the service is typically back up and running within a couple of hours.

How to check if whatsapp is up and running?

Because it is the largest messaging service in the world, they have the personnel resources necessary to resolve any problem that may arise. At the very least, that’s the case the majority of the time. Going into the program itself is the quickest and easiest approach to determine whether or not WhatsApp is back up and operating normally. If it is not functioning properly, there will be a notice that says “retrying.” If that message is not present, then it is possible that it is operational once more.

You can also check the most recent statistics on the number of reported outages by going to a website such as DownDetector.com. When WhatsApp experiences technical difficulties, the same kind of memes appear online, most frequently on Twitter. In the past, an issue with WhatsApp has occasionally coincided with a problem on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by the same business. However, it seems as though both of those sites are operational at this time.

Because Twitter is practically never affected in this way, it led to the creation of various memes that were extensively shared, and the term WhatsApp is also trending on Twitter at the moment. Since Twitter is operating normally, it is prudent to monitor the WhatsApp Twitter account in the event that the social media team for WhatsApp posts an update there.

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