Tanya Hart Bret Hart passed away

Tanya Hart Bret Hart passed away

Her death occurred little over a week after she turned 37. Hart was born Satania Ecstasy Hart, one of Smith Hart’s five children. Smith Hart, like his brothers, was a professional wrestler who was continually active in the industry.

The Hart brothers’ elder brother, Smith, was the eldest of the Hart brothers. Following a fight with bone and prostate cancer, he died in 2017 at the age of 68. Lyndsey Windham backs Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey and says the finale was “extremely embarrassing.”

Maria Rosado was Hart’s mother. Tanya Hart was born in Puerto Rico and, at the time of her death, resided in Calgary, Alberta. Her brothers Michael, Matthew, and Chad, as well as her sister Tobi, survive her.

Nobody in his family, according to Bret Hart, has had to deal with “a more problematic existence than her.”

“Of all the Hart grandchildren, nobody had to deal with a troubled life more than her.” Bret Hart said on Instagram in a homage to his niece.

Hart’s mother, Maria Rosado, died while Hart was “too little to comprehend,” according to the former WWE superstar.

“My late brother Smith had many failings as a man, but being a father was his biggest failure despite how hard he tried.”
Bret Hart added.

Other family members sought to step in as parents, but it was never enough, according to Bret Hart. He praised his niece for her ability to “handle storms” as well as her love of animals.

He concluded by saying, “She had a difficult life from the very start, and every day was a struggle, but she’s free and at peace finally. Love is all around her now. She will be missed more than she’ll ever know.”

Natalya Neidhart, Tanya Hart’s cousin and daughter of Bret Hart’s longtime tag team partner Jim Neidhart, stated on Instagram,  “I know these last few years were hard for you, and you struggled greatly, but you were so loved by all of us, Tanya. So deeply loved. We’ll keep you in our hearts, always. I know your dad and Grammy and Grampy will be so happy to see you.”

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