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Stephen Ray Pereira, an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, film producer, and television director, was born on January 22, 1949, in Hanford, California, to parents of Portuguese origin. He is best known for his work with the band Journey in the 1980s and 1990s.

Steve Perry’s net worth is unknown. According to sources, Steve’s net worth is over $45 million, with the majority of his fortune coming from his singing career, which began in the early 1960s.

Steve Perry Net Worth $45 Million

Steve Perry’s father pushed him to pursue music, but it was Sam Cooke’s song “Cupid” that spurred him to pursue a career as a vocalist. Perry formed the band “Ice” with Scott Matthews, who would eventually go on to become a multi-platinum producer, at the outset of his career. When the band disbanded, Perry formed “Pieces,” a progressive rock band with Tim Bogert. However, “Pieces” disbanded due to a lack of a record deal, and Perry eventually fronted “Alien Project,” which collapsed after one of its members was killed.

As a result, it was Perry’s band “Journey” that propelled him to national prominence and greatly increased his net worth. Perry supplied vocals for nine “Journey” albums, and he became the band’s not only lead singer, but also its most famous member. Perry’s most successful endeavor with “Journey” was their seventh studio album, “Escape,” which was certified platinum nine times by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and sold more than 12 million copies worldwide.

“Don’t Stop Believin,” “Who’s Crying Now,” “Still They Ride,” and “Open Arms” were among the album’s four Billboard Hot 100 singles. Perry also collaborated with other notable performers during his time with “Journey,” including Sheena Easton and Jon Bon Jovi. Following “Journey’s” tour in support of their eighth studio album “Frontiers,” Steve Perry released “Street Talk,” his first solo album, which went on to sell over two million copies. “Oh, Sherrie,” one of the album’s songs, was dedicated to Perry’s then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford and went on to become Perry’s biggest solo hit.

His first successful solo endeavor led in a second solo album, “For the Love of Strange Medicine,” which was well received, thanks in part to his global tour. “Journey” managed to record and release “Trial by Fire” and their other albums despite the constant changes in band members; nonetheless, Perry quit “Journey” some years later, partly owing to health difficulties. All of these ventures, of course, contributed to Perry’s huge increase in net worth.

He later admitted, though, that he “never truly felt like he was part of the band.” Perry performed on solo projects after leaving “Journey,” and in 2006 restored and re-released his first two solo albums. Perry claimed in a 2010 interview that he has composed over 50 songs and has been thinking about releasing his debut solo album since 1994. Perry was also a member of the vocal ensemble that recorded “We Are the World” for Africa Band Aid.

Steve Perry is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He is a hugely successful performer with a unique voice and a massive fan base. The semi-retired musician is currently based in Del Mar, California, where he maintains a low profile. Despite his international celebrity and success, there is no evidence that Steve Perry has ever married or had children.

Full Name Ben Dover
Net Worth $45 Million
Date Of Birth January 22, 1949
Place Of Birth Hanford, California, United States
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Profession Record producer, Singer-songwriter
Education College of the Sequoias, in Visalia, California
Nationality American
Children Tyger Drew-Honey
Parents Mary Perry, Ray Perry
Partner Linzi Drew
Nicknames Stephen Ray Perry , Stephen R. Perry , Stephen Ray “Steve” Perry
Albums “Escape”, “Frontiers”, “Street Talk”, “For the Love of Strange Medicine”, “Eels”
Music Groups Journey (1977 – 1998), “Ice”, “Pieces”, “Alien Project”, “Trial by Fire” (1982), “The Very Best of Steve Perry” (2009, playlist), “Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased”, “TBA” (2016)
Movies Gangsters Gamblers Geezers, The Blazing Cannons, On the Ropes, Killer Bitch, Last Resort, Deadly Intruder, Keeping It Up, Journey: Live in Houston 1981: Escape Tour
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