Obituary, Lex Law Has Passed Away, What Happened?

Lex Law Obituary

Obituary: Lex Law Has Passed Away, What Happened? “Where do you start when trying to explain what this man meant to so many of us. He wasn’t just a teacher he WAS Law house and everyone who passed through those doors took a little piece of him away with them.”

According to a Statement Made In a Facebook post that was published. “He was held in such high regard and will be forevermore, a straight-talking but fair man you couldn’t talk about Morton school without bringing Mr. Law into the conversation.”

“I was in Law house from 1981 until 1987, there was hardly a day went by when you didn’t have some interaction with him, he had a powerful presence that you might think was only felt because we were children and he was a teacher but I still felt it years later when I met him again as an adult.

“There are many teachers of the old Morton School who are thought of with fondest and respect and I don’t wish to disrespect any of them when I say, that in my opinion, Sir YOU WERE THE BEST.”


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