NOVA Chemicals launches ASTUTE™, new family of high-performance plastomer resins

ASTUTETM is a new family of high-performance plastomer resins, and NOVA Chemicals Corporation (doing business as “NOVA Chemicals”) just made the announcement that they are launching the product today. Utilizing NOVA Chemicals’ in-house developed Advanced SCLAIRTECHTM technology, these high-performance ASTUTE brand resins (ASTUTE QPsK905 and ASTUTE QHsK908 respectively) are produced in the form of polyethylene-based sealant resins. These plastomer resins enable outstanding processability and sealing qualities while also providing potential for downgauging and lightweighting.

According to globenewswire this new product family is going to become a new building block for all polyethylene (PE) recyclable packaging, which will make it easier for converters and brand owners to achieve their sustainability goals. According to Greg DeKunder, NOVA Chemicals’ Vice President of PE Marketing and Circular Economy, “the extension of NOVA Chemicals’ Advanced SCLAIRTECH technology into plastomers will allow our customers to design high-performance, mono-material packaging that can become genuinely circular.”

In particular, ASTUTE products are adaptable to a wide range of product applications, such as food packaging, heavy duty sacks, and online shopping bags. NOVA continues to offer the full range of resins, from high-barrier / high-density to linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Additionally, very low-density polyethylene and plastomers have been added to NOVA’s product line, which allows the company to provide a comprehensive selection of polyethylene solutions for the entire value chain.

The ASTUTE QPsK905 plastomer can be used as a single layer or in blends, and it provides outstanding package integrity and robust sealing on a wide variety of packaging equipment, including high-speed packaging lines. It is also suited for use as a single layer or in blends. It is also easier to handle than typical plastomers since there is less pellet and film blockage, and it is less likely to bridge in the feed throat or extruder. This gives converters and material handlers the piece of mind that they need to do their jobs effectively.

The ASTUTE QHsK908 features one of the broadest hot tack windows and the lowest seal initiation temperature. Additionally, it has a great seal around contaminants, which provides outstanding package integrity when used with high-speed packing equipment. Because of its one-of-a-kind mix of dart and stiffness (secant modulus), in addition to its best-in-class puncture resistance, it is an excellent choice for packaging sharp items like crackers and bone-in meats.

The resins ASTUTE QPsK905 and ASTUTE QHsK908 are available for purchase in the marketplace. NOVA Chemicals is driven by the solitary goal of shaping a world in which the plastic products that are essential to our health and happiness are improved from what they are today to what they will be in the future. We have the lofty goal of establishing a circular economy for plastics and working together toward a future that is both low in carbon emissions and free of plastic waste.

What sets NOVA Chemicals different from the competition is the range of virgin and recycled resins, as well as the company’s best-in-class technical competence. Our customers utilize our products to manufacture films, packaging, and products that are easy to recycle and contain recycled content. Because of our dedication to sustainability and Responsible Care®, our staff members work hard to maintain high standards of health, safety, and security, as well as environmental stewardship.

Mubadala Investment Company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, owns NOVA Chemicals in its whole. NOVA Chemicals’ headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the company has 2,400 employees across the globe. Visit to find out more information, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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