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Mick Dodge Net Worth

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Mick Dodge was born in Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, and is known by the moniker “the Barefoot Normad,” “Walking Mountain,” and “The Barefoot Sensei.” He is a television personality who is best known for hosting “The Legend of Mick Dodge,” his own reality show. Mick became recognized all around the world after deciding to devote his life to nature rather than the contemporary world. Mick’s style of life has undoubtedly sparked many debates, but he has also acquired an increasing number of supporters and followers. Dodge will most likely keep doing what he’s doing as long as he’s able.

So, how much money does Mick Dodge have? Mick’s net worth is reported to be $150,000, which he acquired primarily through his reality show, “The Legend of Mick Dodge,” which has grown extremely popular across the world. Dodge has also begun other ventures and activities relating to his personal lifestyle, which contribute significantly to Mick’s net worth.

Dodge, Mick $150,000 in net worth

Mick has loved spending time in the open air since he was a child, where he was able to explore new places and find species for himself. Dodge wanted to join the Marines when he was older, which was somewhat unsurprising given that his father was a marine and Mick had completed his schooling in Okinawa, Japan. After six years in the Marines, working as a mechanic at one of the military bases, Mick opted to return to the jungle in 1991, opting to live barefoot, which he later said helped him overcome various health issues.

Mick and Jacquie Chandler founded the “EarthGym” workout program in 1994. This method is founded on the concept that training equipment is derived from nature, and it encourages individuals to participate in what would later be referred to as boot-camp training.

Mick and his lifestyle piqued the eye of the National Geographic Channel in 2014, and they recommended he produce his own reality TV show, “The Legend of Mick Dodge.” To date, two seasons have aired, and they have had a significant impact on Mick Dodge’s net worth. This show quickly drew a large audience, and many people were drawn to Mick and his outlook on life. Following the success of “The Legend of Mick Dodge,” the previously mentioned exercise program grew in popularity, contributing significantly to Dodge’s net worth. To some, Mick’s attitude and decision to live in the woods may appear bizarre and unreal, but it is his everyday life, and he cannot picture life any other way.

Overall, Mick Dodge is a fascinating and contentious figure who likely never aspired to be famous and instead focused on what was important to him. He now has a large number of supporters all over the world who share his beliefs. Despite this, these admirers are probably not as daring as they appear to be, and they will not select the same permanent lifestyle. Mick will hopefully be able to continue to inspire others while also advocating his own thoughts and viewpoints.


Net Worth $150,000
Place Of Birth Olympic Peninsula, Washington State USA
Profession Television personality, Rainforest-dweller
Nationality American
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mickdodgelegend
IMDB www.imdb.com/title/tt3483888
TV Shows “The Legend of Mick Dodge” (2014-), “The EarthGym” (1994)
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