Len Fera St Annes Sarnia Obituary, Death, Len Fera has sadly passed away

Len Fera St Annes Sarnia Obituary, Death

Len Fera St Annes Sarnia Obituary, Death: We lost a wonderful person last night. Mr. Len Fera is one of the most genuine and loving people I’ve ever met.

Last year, returning to Sarnia was a difficult transition for all of us. My very favorite teacher from 1994 was now the principal of my children’s school, which I was overjoyed to learn when I registered my children for school. He immediately knew me from 27 years ago when I first saw him. In grade two, he was my teacher at Holy Rosary, Wyoming. After all these years, I couldn’t believe he remembered me.

According to Christine White post on facebook, Every morning he’d say good morning to me with a smile on his face. In September when my son was having such a hard time returning to school with his anxiety, the pandemic and everything he had been going through, Len was there to guide us.

He was nothing but supportive, just like he was when I was a child, in the same sort of ways that made him remarkable as a human being in 1994.

I am so honored to have known him and so grateful to have reconnected with him in a way that I could verbally tell him how much he impacted me as a child. I’m crying tears of sadness today but I know that he is resting peacefully. I pray for his family, his young children, the schools staff and students and everyone has known him, that we may overcome our grief.

Rest in peace Mr. Fera. Thank you for being on this earth and for all the children you impacted in your years as a teacher. Len Fera St Annes Sarnia Obituary is not available at the moment.

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