Krahn Elementary School Lockdown, active Police investigation

Krahn Elementary School Lockdown – Krahn Elementary School is currently on an alleged lockdown due to an unidentified incident. Multiple police officers are responding to the area after they received a report of an incident. The incident occurred Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at Krahn Elementary School vicinity located at 9502 Eday Dr, Spring, TX 77379, United States. There are no reports of injuries as of the time this report was published. An investigation is actively ongoing at this time. Additional details will be provided when it becomes available.

Related News – 9-year-old Klein ISD student suspended after being given cannabis-laced candy by another student at Krahn Elementary

In the last week, a girl who is 9 years old was given a suspension from school after it was reported that she ate candy that was infused with marijuana that was allegedly supplied to her by another student at the school. This caused an uproar among the student’s parents. The mother of a girl who was enrolled in the third grade at Krahn Elementary School in Klein, Texas, received a phone call from the school on the previous Thursday informing her that her daughter was ill and throwing up.

Angela Rose, the girl’s mother, told Houston news channel KPRC, “I went to the nurse’s office, and I said, ‘What’s going on? What is causing her to throw up? Does she have a fever? Did she eat something?’ And she said, ‘No fever.’ They just said she threw up a lot in class.” Amiya, Rose’s daughter, went back to school the following day feeling much better after her mother took her home and cared for her there. On the other hand, Rose received a phone call from the principal of Krahn Elementary School on Friday afternoon.

“She said, ‘I was calling to let you know that Amiya had [eaten] some cannabis candy that had THC in it.’ I was like ‘What!'” Rose said. According to KPRC, Amiya said that her friend offered her some sour gummy candy, and she ate a piece in the bathroom, having no idea that it was laced with marijuana. “I wasn’t going to turn down candy,” Amiya told KPRC. Rose said she took her daughter to urgent care on Friday night after calling Child Protective Services (CPS), and the doctor told her she tested positive for marijuana metabolite.

Rose’s outrage was sparked even more after the elementary school told her that her daughter was receiving disciplinary action for eating the candy. The Klein Independent School District said in a statement, “An investigation is underway regarding a student who appears to have intentionally ingested a substance brought to campus by another student. School administrators contacted all involved families to inform them of the incident, and student discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct is pending.”

“That’s what makes me so upset. She has to be reprimanded because she ate a piece of candy from a friend. No ma’am…No!” Rose told KPRC. Rose has claimed that she intends to challenge the suspension that was placed on her daughter and that she intends to approach the school. It would appear that edible marijuana products are making their way into schools at an increasing rate. An elementary school teacher lost her job in October 2021 after pupils complained that she had kept THC-infused edibles in a reward box in the classroom for them to take.

During the month of December, another parent from the state of Texas made the discovery that his daughter and the other pupils in the class had been given THC-infused cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of another student. In more recent news, Goldfish crackers laced with THC were responsible for sending numerous young children to the hospital and leading to the arrest of a daycare owner in the state of Virginia.

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