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Justin Theroux Net Worth

Justin Paul Theroux Wiki Biography

Justin Theroux is a well-known actor, producer, and director. As of 2014, his net worth is projected to be $10 million. Justin Theroux was born on August 10, 1971, in Washington, D.C., in the United States. In early 1996, Justin released his first film, “I Shot Andy Warhol.”

He’s since appeared in a slew of other films, including two that David Lynch produced, directed, and photographed. One of them is the well-known horrific film “Mulholland Drive,” while the other is the lesser-known “Inland Empire.”

Justin Theroux Net Worth $10 Million

Justin made his mark as a successful film director in 2006, when his film Dedication premiered at the Canned Film Festival and received tremendous acclaim. Justin continued to pursue his aim of being regarded seriously as a filmmaker in the film industry and among the most well-known movie critics as a result of this film. Justin has also directed films such as “Iron Man 2,” “Your Highness,” and “Tropic Thunder.” Justin is known for his comedic films with a dash of action. That is his preferred film genre.

Justin has starred opposite James Franco, Danny McBride, and Natalie Portman in films like “American Psycho,” “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion,” “Miami Vice,” “Rock of Ages,” “Strangers with Candy,” “The Baxter,” and HBO’s “Six Feet Under.” Justin Theroux has also appeared in a couple episodes of Sex and the City, a popular comedic drama television series. This simply goes to show how good of an actor Justin has become, as his co-stars are now only the most famous and well-known actors, such as in the popular program “Ally McBeal.”

In terms of his personal life, Justin is dating Jennifer Aniston, a well-known actress. They first met on the set of the film Wanderlust in 2011. They became fast friends and began dating. In 2012, the couple confirmed their engagement, which reportedly took place at Justin’s birthday celebration.

There have been significant changes in Justin Theroux’s and Jennifer Aniston’s life since they began dating. There has even been speculation in the media that Jennifer is expecting twins or a single kid, that she has had a miscarriage, or that they have split up. It’s reasonable to say that the couple’s personal lives have been scrutinized by the entire world and their admirers.

Justin has a university diploma, which he earned while attending Bennington College. Justin is now working on a screenplay for Zoolander 2, a much anticipated sequel. Justin was requested to star in the new HBO drama series “The Leftovers,” which premiered in July, after he played a key role in the HBO series “Six Feet Under.”

Full Name Justin Theroux
Net Worth $20 Million
Date Of Birth August 10, 1971
Place Of Birth Washington, D.C., United States
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.759 m)
Weight 159 lbs
Profession Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Education Bennington College
Nationality American
Spouse Jennifer Aniston (m. 2015)
Parents Eugene Theroux, Phyllis Grissim-Theroux
Siblings Sebastian Theroux
Partner Jennifer Aniston (2012–)
Nicknames Justin Paul Theroux
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/justintheroux/?hl=en
IMDB www.imdb.com/name/nm0857620
Awards Lab School of Washington Award
Nominations People’s Choice Award (2016), Screen Actors Guild Award (2005), Critics’ Choice Television Award for the Best Actor in a Drama Series (2016), Dorian Awards
Movies “I Shot Andy Warhol” (1996), “Iron Man 2”, “Your Highness”, “Tropic Thunder”, “American Psycho”,”Six Feet Under”
TV Shows Six Feet Under, The District, New York Undercover, The Leftovers
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