Jared Hancock Death Lowell, MA, Surefire Creative Studios CEO has died- Obituary unavailable yet

Jared Hancock Death Lowell, MA

Jared Hancock Death, Obituary not available : Jared Hancock of Lowell, Massachusetts, co-founder and CEO of Surefire Creative Studios, has died following a tragic automobile accident. Jared passing was announced on his company’s page on Monday, 21st of March 2022. The details surrounding the crash is yet to be learnt by us.

It is with great sadness that we write this to inform you of the passing of our beloved Jared Hancock (@surefirejay), co-founder and CEO of Surefire Creative Studios.

The statement posted on the Surefire Creative Studios also confirmed that a Fundraising account has been organized on GoFundMe to cover expenses following his passing.

Along with his role at Surefire, Jared will be remembered as an amazing father, son, brother, mentor and friend to many people.
Jared’s immediate family has set up a gofundme to help pay for household expenses as well as educational costs for his children. For anyone who is willing to donate, please click this link and also please share with anyone else who would like to contribute.
Thank you for all the love and support during this tragic time. May Jared Rest In Peace and love. He will surely be missed

On the GoFundMe account $24,103 has been raised of $75,000 goal as of Tuesday. Below is the statement on the Fundraising page;

A few words from Julie
Hi, we have set up this fundraising page to raise money for Jared Hancock’s children who tragically and unexpectedly lost their father from an accident. These funds will help pay for mortgage payments for their house, utilities, and education related costs for the children. As you all know, Jared was an amazing father, friend, son, brother, uncle, mentor and the list goes on. His children were his whole world. Any and all donations are much appreciated to help take care of his amazing children.

An official obituary for Jared Hancock is not available at the time of this publication

Memories and Tributes to Jared

It is with a heavy heart that I am packing my bags to go to Boston to say a final goodbye to my brother, Jared Hancock. The shocking news of his sudden death doesn’t seem real. My brother was an incredible father and a friend to so many. Anyone who he came into contact with was left for the better. The impact of his death will be felt by so many. My family is completely devastated by the loss of Jared and we only hope and pray that God will continue to protect his children. I’ll update this post with the memorial services once we finalize them this week.

Courtney Hancock Haig


Received some heartbreaking news last night. 💙
Jared Hancock was our manager and producer when Kimber-lee Jacobsen, Jillian Marie Jensen, Simone Cardoso, and I were “Varsity Girls.” He was a Grammy-nominated creative genius who made everyone feel like someone. He provided us with so many incredible opportunities and served as a role model for us as a musician, as an artist, and as a good person. He had a way of bringing people together, making them feel like family, and using their strengths to make amazing things happen. He was like a big brother to us and believed in us SO HARD. He put us in front of President Obama, the legendary Keith Lockhart, and some of our favorite international music artists- just to name a few of the coolest memories. The best memories, however, were our times with him in the recording studio and not in front of audiences – where we all talked about life, made music, and laughed a ton. Kim reminded me that he was the first person to teach me at age 16 that “A rising tide lifts all ships.” I’ll never forget it.
“I got you fam” is a phrase he used in almost every conversation, and he meant it.
My heart hurts for his 5 beautiful daughters, his entire family, and all who loved him. Jared’s music will live forever.

Jillian Zucco Ledogar


One of my dearest friends, Jared Hancock, is gone. Jared died last night, apparently due to injuries from an accident. Jared headed Surefire Creative Studios in Lowell, Ma.
SMILES. That is how I remember Jared. I could not be around him, or talk to him, or even see the phone ring with his name calling without feeling myself absolutely beaming a smile. Jared spread smiles. I am a better person for knowing him. As I reflected last night on our friendship, one truth came to mind. I often give out the advice “always surround yourself with quality people”, and whenever I would give that advice, Jared Hancock was the person who would naturally enter my mind. He was that dude. He was the highest quality person in countless ways. Jared possessed a natural talent for bringing talented people together.

Jared was recently here visiting late last year on one of his countless NYC trips, I am so glad I got to spend some time with him one last time. I will remember him and the Surefire crew at our Summer parties, working at MadPan Studios in NYC, eating Virgil’s BBQ, hanging at Surefire Studios in Lowell with the whole crew, sitting on my back deck in the summer, swapping stories and catching up over some grill food.

In 2019, I did Master Classes at Berklee.in Boston Jared drove out in a snow storm to pick me up and take me out to Surefire one night. I thought for certain we’d crash on the way, nobody should have been on the roads, but he didnt give it a second thought. I was in town, that’s all he needed. Me Jared and Golde talked late into the night. I will miss those days forever.

The first time I ever met Jared, he and a bunch of the Surefire guys drove down to NYC from Boston for a meeting. Must have been early 2000’s. They got a flat tire on the way, some other crazy car trouble happened, and yet, they still made it, all smiles. Thats just who Jared was and who Surefire is. if he said it, he did it. Nothing deterred him, the man had vision with the fortitude to execute his vision.
Jared is ex-military and honorably served our Country, he was deployed in Germany.
Recently he’s been driving around this big van with a studio inside of it. Craziest coolest thing. Leave it to Jared. His effeciency and creativity knew no bounds.

Last year, I needed new press photos and Jared instantly suggested Brian Doherty take the photos. My profile pic, me and the yellow bass, that picture exists because Jared connected me and Brian, because when I needed something, I knew exactly who to call, Jared instantly had the right perfect answer. He was that dude. He will always be that dude in my memory.

I remember 11 years ago today, me, Jared, Jeff, and Hayley went to some Regis Philbin event in NYC that Hayley was performing at (incredible voice). the Cake Boss made cakes, only time I’ve gotten to try one. Not tasty. Such a fun night tho, I still remember it so well. Hayley sang beautifully.

Dinner at STRIP in Boston with me, Jared, Kedar, and Shachar. We ate and drank like Kings, Jared made sure of it. He had been telling me about the place (he helped promote it and knew everyone there) and was so excited to take me. It was a night I will always remember, even the slightly fuzzy walking out part, as we shut the place down with the owner. Jared was just that kind of guy.

The countless times I got to hang with Jared and the Surefire crew, like Brady’s Batchelor Party in Vegas. Last minute call from Jared had me on a flight the next day to join them in celebration. Jared always knew how to bring people together.
In 2014, it was time to let go of my white baby grand piano that I had used on recordings for Kanye West “Family Business” and John Legend “Another Again”. I didnt want to sell the piano, I wanted to make sure it went to a home that would appreciate it and someone who would play it. Jared heard and instantly called demanding nobody else get it.

That his home would in fact be the perfect home for a such a musical treasure. I was thrilled. Then he sent me the pic I have posted here. At the time I could never dream of the treasure that this photo now is. It says everything about Jared as a musician, creator, person and father.

I want to sit here any remember all of my best memories with Jared, and put them here to help remember. This doesnt feel real. He’s gonna call any minute, I’m sure of it. I’ll get to hear that voice in my ear, clearly smiling with every word, encouraging me and always taking my wins in celebration as I always took his. What I wouldnt give.

While I have a fairly public persona, I am mostly a deeply private person with few truly close people, and Jared was one of my closest people. There is no substitute or replacement for him, I am a man down. I don’t even know if Surefire really knew what Jared meant to me, I am pretty sure Jared knew. Jared Hancock, I love you brother. I will miss you forever.



There are many beautiful tributes being posted tonight about the sudden loss of my friend, mentor, producer and co-writer Jared Hancock. I am completely numb, in shock and at a total loss. Jay was like a big brother to me, always at the end of the phone with a motivational, inspiring speech or simply to listen and support me through challenging times.
I have my entire creative solo career to thank Jay for. If it wasn’t through a chance meeting through a friend while in residency in Boston back in 2007, I would never have even thought about songwriting or creating original music, releasing an album, joining a rock band (!) our meeting completely shaped the next decade+ of my life.
It’s ironic the first song we wrote together ‘Separated by Glass’ will now forever be more poignant and I’m devastated he never got to hear HGB’s new rock version of it. For those that have my ‘Silver Screen’ album he co-wrote and produced every single track and a few have gone on to feature in HGB’s show including my last single “Haunted.” He mixed and produced Celtic Rose and was also heavily instrumental in the creation of the Karnataka track, ‘Fairytale Lies.’ His creative genius will live on in all his compositions and his legacy in his 3 beautiful children he so sadly leaves behind.
I will miss you very much Jay. Thank you for the music and memories x

Hayley Griffiths

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