Ethan Weeldreyer Death Kalamazoo, MI, Obituary is yet to be released

Ethan Weeldreyer Death

Ethan Weeldreyer Death news, Obituary not available yet : OWING MILLS, MD– Ethan Weeldreyer of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has reportedly passed away unexpectedly. On Target Guns and Gunsmithing announced the passing of their President through a Facebook statement on Monday on March, 22, 2022.

On Target Guns and Gunsmithing confirmed that passed away on Thursday but information surrounding his cause of death was stated. Below is the statement shared on Facebook.

”As many of you know, On Target is a family-owned business. As such, it is with tremendous grief on both a personal and professional level to announce that Ethan Weeldreyer passed away this past Thursday.
Professionally, we will be working through new policies, as he played an integral role in the business. We appreciate your patience as we do so.

Personally, we know that he was well-loved in the community, and his loss is devastating. Ethan took point on many charity events, and worked hard to make those around him happier and better off.

Ethan Weeldreyer was the beloved husband of Chrissy Gibbs and the  President (corporation) at On Target Guns and Gunsmithing. He was also a director of Operations at Miller, Stone & Jones and former Information Technology Specialist at Griffin Pest Solutions. He was an alumnus of Davenport University.

According to Alix W. McQueen, Ethan’s memorial will be held this Saturday, March 26th at Betzler Life Story Funeral Homes on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. It will begin at 4:00pm, with reception following a brief “service”, for lack of a better word.
In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation in Ethan’s name to the Great Lakes Burn Camp.

An official obituary for Ethan Weeldreyer is not available at the time of this publication


Wish I kept up with you more, I will miss our times playing CoD and eating all of John’s food. RIP, please everyone. If you’re feeling down and need someone to talk to, please reach out. I’ve lost to many friends to suicide, I don’t want to lose anymore.

__Kyle Randall Dill


I am so honored to have been able to call Ethan not only my boss but also my friend. He had a way of making everyone laugh no matter what he had going on in his own life. I remember the day I came in to work in such a rush because I had had a rough morning with the kiddos only to realize that I had forgotten my deodorant. I was absolutely mortified to have to ask him of I could run to meijer to get some real quick and he pulled out his gym bag and let me use his. He then spent the rest of the day joking with me about going home smelling like another man and how I was going to explain it to my husband. But that was Ethan. He was so kind and giving and had just this way of making a joke out of anything. You couldn’t feel embarrassed or upset when you were around him. I’m going to miss his humor and his friendship.

__Samantha Fisk


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