Elkhart Thanksgiving, hundreds of families fed dinner

Elkhart Thanksgiving – Teams of organizations from all throughout Michiana are working together to provide Thanksgiving supper to those in need. At Faith Mission’s Benham Avenue facility in Elkhart, traditional Thanksgiving fare was provided from noon to one o’clock by The Salvation Army of Elkhart. For occupants of the shelter, walk-ins, and home deliveries, over 100 volunteers were on hand to prepare and serve meals. Faith Mission acknowledges the value of charitable giving throughout the holiday season but asserts that today is just another day to act morally.

Ross Swihart, executive director of Faith Mission of Michiana, said: “We need to serve those who need our help; we need to be able to help those who need our help, but there’s also the act of one serving is an important part of one’s life.” “It provides satisfaction. It inspires optimism in both the person you are serving and in oneself because every time you serve someone, something positive happens inside of you as well.  Serving, according to Swihart, has a comparable effect to the “snowball effect” that is said to occur when one act of kindness inspires another.

Swihart stated

Swihart stated, “I’m grateful for what I have in that I can come in and be in a place where I can help, not only for me to serve others but then guide staff to serve others, and then have opportunities for volunteers to come in and serve. “I believe that helping others is a really crucial part of each of our lives.” Currently, Faith Mission helps between 40 and 70 people who are sleeping in their emergency overnight shelter in addition to roughly 75 people who are enrolled in a long-term residential and life skills program. A woman who is staying here approached me at the lunch today and said, “Thank you, Ross, for what you guys do for us. I want you to understand that’s what the mission does for us here every day. So thank you for that,” said Swihart. She hasn’t approached me in the weeks that she’s been here and said that, so today kind of inspires those who are receiving service to express gratitude as well.

Faith Mission was founded in the year 1956

Faith Mission was founded in 1956 and is available every day of the year to assist homeless and needy families in Elkhart County by providing food and shelter. Additionally, they offer complimentary lunches every day at 7 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 5 p.m. In Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Wampanoag tribe and the first English immigrants celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The festival lasted three days, and native people provided turkey and deer. President Abraham Lincoln encouraged Americans to observe the final Thursday in November as “a day of Thanksgiving” for the first time in 1863, a time when the country needed unity more than ever. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day were all declared national holidays by legislation passed by Congress in 1870. In 1927, Macy’s first held its Thanksgiving Parade including balloons featuring well-known children’s characters.

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