David Pope Death Baltimore, MD, David Pope Obituary not available at this time

David Pope Death Baltimore, MD

David Pope Death news, Obituary not available yet : OWING MILLS, MD– David Pope of Baltimore, Maryland, a great man and The Hot Box Boxing and Fitness coach has died unexpectedly. David’s beloved wife, Kristin announced his passing through a Facebook statement on Monday on March, 21, 2022. Kristin statement on her husband’s passing reads;

”It is with an overwhelming sadness that I write this message. Yesterday, we lost a beautiful person and an even more beautiful soul.”

Kristin also describe how wonderful of a husband and father David was before his passing. She wrote,

‘Whether at the HUM or at the gym, David wanted you to show up and be your authentic self. He didn’t care how that looked, only that you showed up. He helped most of you before he helped himself. He accepted you and loved you for who you are, at a time you needed it the most.”

She also wrote further;

He cracked jokes at the worst times, only to lighten up the load. Let us all take a lesson from his acceptance.
David was proud of the person he was becoming, the hopeless romantic he was, and the father he learned to be. He tried hard everyday to keep pushing forward despite any setbacks.

He was thoughtful and intentional in his everyday, and was a true believer. Let us all take a lesson from his drive.
He cared about everything, he felt deeply, he was an empathetic person down to his core. He loved with every ounce he had, because he knew how good it felt. I loved him more than anything in this world because I knew how good it felt and how much he deserved it.

As you transition from our presence to your spirit. I pray you find all the joy you always sought out. Where you are now is a place you’ll forever be accepted and loved. You’re welcomed with open arms and a warm heart. I will forever cherish the years we shared together, what you taught me, the mother you made me, and raise our boys to make you proud.
All my love & 4 kisses

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior”

A GoFundMe page was shared on Facebook by Colette Jones. The fundraising account of $5,536 raised of $100,000 goal was created by Katie Haarer to cover unforeseen expenses during this difficult time. Click here to support the family and share. Below is the statement of the GoFundMe page;

A few words from Katie
On March 21, we were extremely shocked and saddened by the unexpected loss of a beautiful soul. David was a fiancé, father, son, friend, and mentor to many. David was an honorable man, with a heart of gold, who had a true passion for helping others every single day. He loved large, and embodied goodness. David leaves behind his fiancé, Kristin Scovitch, as well as their two sons, Tyson Pope and Silas Pope.

First and foremost, we are asking for prayers. Specifically for peace, comfort, and guidance for Kristin, Tyson, and Silas. Many are reaching out asking how they can help, and this is the only thing that seems tangible. This fundraiser will support our dear friend Kristin Scovitch as she endures the unimaginable transition into life without her fiancé. While we know that no amount could possibly heal the hurt, we would love to help Kristin have time to grieve and be there for her boys while processing this immense loss. We hope this fundraiser will allow her to do that without worrying about finances.

We want to thank you all so much for your prayers, support, and donations. May God bless this family.

Memories and sharing on Dave passing

It is with the heaviest of hearts, we say goodbye to our friend, family, and Coach…David Pope.
He was the definition of loyal, supportive, and loving. His family meant everything to him and we pray for his wife to be Kristin and his sons Tyson and Silas.
You impacted so many and we were lucky to call you family.

__The Hot Box Boxing and Fitness


The passing of one of my mentors and a crucial part of my recovery has not deteriorated my thirst. It has fueled my desire to honor him, and promises I made to him. David Pope once told me ” You wanna repay me just do something with this chance you’ve been given “. David Pope always took time to ask me if I was OK, if I needed anything. I’d go and just sit in his office and we’d rap. I was always excited to share my progress with him. He was always happy to hear it and would always retort with encouragement. Then he’d give me more to work on 😂😂😂. I will never forget what David Pope did for me.

__Keith Howell


It is of great sadness that we lost this fine man in our community. He was a light to others and his smile could change your mood. Rest easy my brother.

__Carlos Catania Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association


Pre-K kids falling off cars today and cracking up like a mini jackass was so cute. It just reminded me of the boys growing up in my neighborhood. Idk if they will ever know how much reminds me of them because I loved them. RIP David Pope You are a great person and father. I know how much you loved your kids and Tyson always talked about you all the time when I taught him. Will always remember you as such a sweet person 💕😢

__Dawn Michelle

An official obituary for David Pope is not available at the time of this publication

David Pope was the Ultimate competitor… every kid across the neighborhoods of Reisterstown and Owings mills knew if we couldn’t do something David could.
David didn’t like bullies and would throw hands if it meant you got back and forth between home and school safe.
David pushed his friends to be better. He pushed you to live and think outside the box.
David, gave me my first mix tape, broke my first face masks in Oklahomas and encouraged me to stick up for myself and others, he was the toughest individuals I have ever met. When I think of what makes the community of Reisterstown, Owings Mills and the rest of Baltimore county so special… it’s the fact that people like David existed and that the all for one and one for all mentality was embodied by this soul individual.
I hope everyone back home takes a moment to recognize a real one today. With deepest love and sincerity I pray that man can Rest In Peace.

__Rob Smallwood

David Pope Obituary, funeral and life celebration details will be released by the family and loved ones at their suitable time.

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