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Clinton Richard Dawkins, an Englishman, was born on March 26, 1941, in Nairobi, Kenya. Richard is a writer and evolutionary scientist best known for his book “The Selfish Gene” and other works on evolution. He is also credited with coining the term “meme” and has written works on religion and creationism, among other topics. His efforts have contributed to his current net worth.

Richard Dawkins’ net worth is unknown. According to sources, she has a net worth of $135 million as of early 2016, which she has amassed primarily from numerous successes in education, publishing, television appearances, and documentaries. Since the 1970s, he’s been well-known, and his persistent efforts have ensured that his fortune has grown.

Richard Dawkins Net Worth $135 Million

Dawkins grew up in a home with a strong interest in science. He believed in creationism until he learned about evolution, which transformed his outlook on life. He went to Oundle School and subsequently to Balliol College, Oxford, where he earned a degree in Zoology. He pursued his studies there under Nobel Laureate Nikolaas Tinbergen’s direction, getting his master’s and later his PhD.

Richard went on to become an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley, after graduating from high school. He became involved in anti-Vietnam War actions throughout his time there. He was elected a fellow of New College, Oxford, in 1970, and later became an emeritus fellow. His talks, such as the “Erasmus Darwin Memorial Lecture” and the “Tanner Lectures,” made him famous. His fame earned him the opportunity to judge events like the “British Academy Television Awards.”

Dawkins’ most renowned contribution, aside from his academic career, has been in evolutionary biology, where his basic hypothesis is that the gene is the main unit of evolution. After writing “The Selfish Gene” in 1976, which was the first book to focus on genes, he became well-known. In 1982, he published “The Extended Phenotype,” his second book. Richard’s work has been mentioned in a number of publications, however he remains critical of some of them, particularly when his concepts are misconstrued in the context of other theories. He also published “The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution,” which coincided with the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth. Darwinism, he claims, is one of the reasons he is awestruck by life’s intricacy.

The book “The Selfish Gene” is where Richard first used the term “meme,” which Dawkins defines as any cultural entity capable of replicating an idea or group of ideas. While he was the first to coin the word, the concept had already been published in other publications.

Dawkins has been a vocal opponent of creationism and religion, publishing multiple books on the subject and establishing the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. The foundation focuses on the study of religion and belief psychology. The book “The God Delusion,” published in 2006, is his most popular anti-religious effort. Richard’s views have been welcomed and criticized, with some scientists defending him and others claiming that his statements are more of a personal declaration than constructive critique.

Richard is reported to have been married three times in his personal life. His first marriage lasted from 1967 until 1984, and it was to ethologist Marian Stamp. In 1984, he married Eve Barham, with whom he has a daughter, but they separated in 1992, and Dawkins married actress Lalla Ward the following year, whom he met during a “Doctor Who” production. Richard declares himself an agnostic and attributes his revised perspective on life’s explanation and complexity to Charles Darwin.

Full Name Richard Dawkins
Net Worth $135 Million
Date Of Birth March 26, 1941
Place Of Birth Nairobi, Kenya
Height 1.78 m
Profession English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, author
Education Oundle School, Balliol College, Oxford
Nationality British
Spouse Marian Stamp (m. 1967; div. 1984), Eve Barham (m. 1984, divorsed), Lalla Ward (m. 1992)
Children Juliet Emma
Parents Clinton John Dawkins, Jean Mary Vyvyan
Awards Royal Society of Literature award and a Los Angeles Times Literary Prize (1987), Sci. Tech Prize for Best Television Documentary Science Programme, The Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow (2002), Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest (2009), Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Honora…
Nominations Goodreads Choice Awards Best Nonfiction
Movies Faith School Menace?, The Genius of Charles Darwin, The Enemies of Reason, The Root of All Evil?, Break the Science Barrier, The Future is Now!, The Four Horsemen
TV Shows Inside Nature’s Giants
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