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Bolo Yeung Net Worth

Wiki Biography of  Bolo Yeung

He is a martial artist, bodybuilder, and actor who rose to fame by playing in films like as “Enter The Dragon” (1973), “Double Impact” (1991), and “Tiger Claws” (1991), among others. He was born Yang Sze on July 3, 1946 in Guangzhou, but is best known to the world as Bolo Yeung. His professional career dates back to the 1970s.

Have you ever wondered what Boly Yeung’s net worth is as of mid-2016? Bolo Yeung’s net worth has been reported to be as high as $1.5 million, according to credible sources, an amount he has amassed via his successful careers. Apart from acting in films, Bolo was a successful bodybuilder who held the Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding competition for ten years, increasing his net worth significantly.

Bolo Yeung has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars.

Martial arts had captivated Bolo since he was a child, and it was only a matter of time until he joined a club, which he did when he was ten years old. He began working with numerous kung fu instructors, but as he grew older, his focus shifted to bodybuilding. His career progressed gradually, and he eventually became the Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding champion, significantly increasing his net worth.

He got his start in the entertainment industry thanks to his good looks, first appearing in commercials; while filming a commercial for Winston cigarettes, he met and befriended Bruce Lee, and their friendship quickly turned into professional collaboration for the film “Enter The Dragon” (1973), in which Bolo played Bolo under the pseudonym of Bolo. Prior to this part, he had a number of roles in Hong Kong films, including “The Wandering Swordsman,” which was his debut, “The Oath of Death” (1972), and “Man of Iron” (1972), among others, all of which helped him establish his career and improve his net worth.

During the 1970s, Bolo acted in films such as “International Assassin” (1976), which starred Yu Wang, and “Game Of Death” (1978), which starred Bruce Lee, Colleen Camp, and Gig Young. He also acted in films such as “Way of the Dragon 2” (1978) and “The Fists, the Kicks, and the Evil” (1979), all of which contributed to his net worth.

In the 1980s, he rose to prominence in films like “Supergang” (1984) and “Shanghai Express” (1986), in which he co-starred with Sammo Kam-Bo Hung and Biao Yuen. In 1988, he starred opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme in the film “Bloodsport,” and before the decade ended, he appeared in “Bloodfight” (1989). Bolo continued to have a successful career in the 1990s, transferring the momentum from the late 1980s with roles in films such as “Double Impact” (1991), in which he worked again with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and then in “Tiger Claws” (1991) as Chong – a role he reprised in the sequel “Tiger Claws II” (1996) – “Ironheart” (1992), “Shootfighter: Fight to (1996).

Bolo took a hiatus from acting for a while, but returned in 2007 with a role in “Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter,” and his next and most recent performance was in the film “The Whole World at Our Feet” (2016); all of these roles contributed significantly to Bolo’s net worth. In terms of his personal life, nothing is known about Bolo Yeung in the media; aside from the fact that he has three children, little more is known about his family life.

Full Name Bolo Yeung
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date Of Birth July 3, 1946
Place Of Birth Guangzhou, China
Height 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
Profession Bodybuilder
Nationality Chinese
Children Debbra Yeung, Danny Yeung,David Yeung
Movies Bloodsport, Enter the Dragon, Double Impact, Bloodfight, Shootfighter: Fight to the Death, Ironheart, Tiger Claws, TC 2000, Breathing Fire, Shootfighter 2, Legacy of Rage, Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge, The Clones of Bruce Lee, Enter the Game of Death, Wu-Tang Clan Presents: 10 Magnificent Killers, Fe…
TV Shows G-Men ’75
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