Alex Turnbull case thrown out after judge finds the evidence given was unreliable

Alex Turnbull Investigation –The Turnbull family reportedly lost a high-profile court case which was brought against a fund manager and his long-time business associate by the name Russel Pillemer, after a long investigation was done on the case, following the initial case report while saw the case as fragile and as a result, made the judge look into the case strictly to ensure fairness and right judgment to be pronounced. after a thorough investigation was done, the judge found that the evidence given by the former prime minister’s son was unreliable and he had a willingness to lie during the cross-examination.

Alex Turnbull, the son of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, In 2020, Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of New South Wales seeking $12 million, with regards to a prior cash payment of a loan made to a business associate in respect of pendant in 2017 which saw the case lingered for a long time and upon the period which the case still on more information’s were gathered for an easy conclusion as it gave time for evidence and proof. as Turnbull claimed he was not intentional about his claims, adding that he was misled into accepting the cash payment of the loan.

He further alleged that Pillemer persuaded the family business to accept cash instead of Pengana stock before disclosing to them that Pillemer was in talks about a potentially profitable merger with another company. The Turnbulls said that if they had known about the deal, they would have sought company shares with a much higher end value than the money they had been given. In the legal dispute, there were claims that the high-flying Turnbull family had not properly disclosed assets and that the younger Turnbull had bullied Pillemer. 

This included contentious $6 million donation Malcolm Turnbull made to his son’s business while he was still active in politics. Malcolm Turnbull, who was called to testify in the case, claimed that he contributed to the contribution in the interest of transparency a longtime business partner of Turnbull senior, and his family business, which was run by his son. Pillemer said in court that he tried his hardest to convince Alex Turnbull not to exit the investment company before the deal with the other investment firm was finalized.    
Justice Kate Williams dismissed the Turnbulls’ lawsuit on Friday, stating that Alex Turnbull’s testimony and “his readiness to lie” were crucial factors in the case. The Turnbulls had brought the case on behalf of the family business Murray. Due to Mr. A Turnbull’s false evidence about the subject matter of the communications in his first affidavit, and his willingness to lie about the communications in cross-examination where he thought that would assist Murray, I was reluctant to accept his self-serving evidence seeking to rationalize the communications in a manner consistent with Maurtray’s claims in these proceedings unless it was inherently plausible or consistent with other undisputed or reliable evidence.”
Although Justice Williams identified issues with some of Pillemer’s testimony, she concluded that Pillemer’s testimony was preferable to Alex Turnbull’s. The judge determined that there was no doubt about Malcolm Turnbull’s testimony’s veracity.
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