After his stance on the religious discrimination statute, Warren Entsch has been urged to do more to help LGBTQI children.

Katie Williamson's son is worried he might have to leave school

Nine-year-old Stevie Browne says he’s never worried about being himself at school until now. The Cairns resident identifies as transgender and is worried about what the future at his religious school might look like.

Stevie’s mother, Katie Williamson, said she tried to shield him from news coverage of the controversial religious discrimination bill.

Dr Williamson said when Stevie heard about the legislation he asked her if he’d have to leave his school — but she said it had been supportive so far.

“I think Stevie just wants to be like every other boy,” Dr Williamson said. “It does really feel like a step backwards — it’s the modern world, isn’t it?”

Stevie said he just felt like a normal kid at a normal school and wasn’t sure how to deal with the possible changes.

“I feel angry that they’re doing this,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s right to just not allow transgender people to be at certain schools.”


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