According to reports, Onward Mobility has lost its right to use the BlackBerry name.

Onward Mobility

The fantasy of a 5G BlackBerry has officially died, according to the most recent development. Onward Mobility, according to Kevin Michaluk, founder of, is officially defunct. The following was posted on CrackBerry by the founder.

Dead as of yesterday. Time to move on CrackBerry fam. Confirmed from multiple sources. Reminder that I NEVER signed an NDA with them though I was offered one.

We’ll see if they actually post a formal update to their blog or not, but my guess would be that John Chen/BlackBerry prefers they just go quietly away (he’s clearly done with phones) and at this point its probably best for all of us to forgot about this train wreck. Well, train-wreck is too complimentary as it would imply they built a train that they then wrecked. They never got that far.

The majority of new businesses fail, so don’t think it’s that shocking of a surprise. I’m sure the people involved set out with good intentions and put in some real effort to make things happen (don’t think you would go through the effort and put your names on the line with a plan to fail), but obviously were not able to execute. Just sucks that so many people excited about this were dragged along for so long only to have it end like this.

Again, I never signed an NDA but also can’t burn my sources so gotta keep it a little vague at the moment. Am sure with time we’ll get some more post-mortem details here… they usually come out once people start talking.

The deal for Onward Mobility to license the BlackBerry name has fallen through, according to Michaluk, who never signed an NDA. Given the timing of a recent claim that BlackBerry sold $600 million worth of patents pertaining to mobile device hardware, communications, and networking, this news comes as no surprise. The purchase business, Catapult, was founded especially to hold the BlackBerry patents, according to the article.

Following TCL’s withdrawal from its BlackBerry hardware venture, Onward Mobility and BlackBerry stated in August 2020 that a new 5G BlackBerry would be available in 2021. Then, just last month, Onward Mobility announced that it would be prepared to provide news and speak with the press and that it was looking forward to it. What a difference a few weeks can make.

If you’ve been waiting for a new BlackBerry, Michaluk advises you to give up.


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